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LoDO Denver Smart Apartments at The Casey

The Casey is proud to offer all residents Smart Apartment homes! Our teched-out apartments are designed to save you money, energy and peace of mind – and all through the ease of an app!

9:41 AM, Welcome Home, Toni, 78 inside, 72-80, Home Thermostat, Home, Scenes, Rooms, Energy. Portable touch and telephone

With your Smart Apartment App you can control the following:

Smart Lock - Lose your keys permanently with our new code-based keyless entry system.
  • Control access to your apartment from anywhere in the world using the Smart Apartment App.
  • Create and manage unique user access codes for family, friends, the dog walker or cleaner.
  • Never worry whether you forgot to lock the door again, just check the app and lock remotely!
Smart Thermostat – Smart and ecofriendly!
  • Save the planet while saving on your energy bill with the temperature scheduling and energy monitoring.
  • Control the temperature with the tap of your app or with a voice command to your apartment's Amazon Echo Dot.
Smart Lights & Smart Plugs*
  • Forget to turn off the lights or the TV before leaving home? Use your Smart Apartment App to shut them off remotely.
  • Turn off your lights with a voice command to your apartment's Amazon Echo Dot.
Integration with Amazon Echo Dot
  • Control your lights, thermostat and music with voice commands.
  • Set the mood in your apartment by automating scenes to set your home temperature, lighting and lock simultaneously.
  • Call an Uber or Lyft, order delivery from GrubHub or play Spotify with the sound of your voice.

* Smart package includes entry smart switch. Additional smart switches and plugs are available for purchase.